Please note: Zoom Downloader will only install on your current browser.

Speed Up Your Downloads

Zoom Downloader uses a multi-channel acceleration process to download your files as fast as possible. You can also kick into overdrive by using the advanced features to segment, resume, and mirror your downloads.

Maximum Protection

Zoom Downloader will warn you before downloading a file from a malicious source. You can download confidently, knowing that we protect you from over 10,000 malicious sources.

Easy to Use

Getting started is simple. Zoom Downloader integrates seamlessly into your browser, so you can continue to download the same way you always have while Zoom Downloader works hard behind the scenes to make sure you have a safe, fast download.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Zoom Downloader will be intstalled on your current browser as an add-on

Full list of features

  • Protects you from un-safe downloads by checking downloads against a list of known malicious download sites.
  • Unifies the look and feel of downloads across multiple browsers
  • Split large downloads into multiple segments and download them simultaneously for up to 6x faster download speeds
  • Automatically recovers and resumes failed downloads after network outages, connection problems, or power outages
  • Pause, resume, and rate-limit any downloads at any time
  • Notify yourself of completed downloads with custom sounds
  • Limit your download rate at pre-scheduled times to prevent interference with other network activity such as playing games or watching movies
  • Seamlessly integrates with both Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox to handle all of your downloads in one centralized application